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"The Shop" Tools, Safety, Machinery & Equip., NIB Consumer goods, Freezers/Fridges and More!

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Online Only
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Thursday, October 29, 2020
Auction Time & Date
7:00 PM
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Auction Location
16100 S. Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, OH
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Auction Details

  1. Tons of different types of gloves, sanding cylinders and sanding discs, ear plugs, safety glasses, tool bags, chainsaws, circular saws, bandsaw blades, various types of saws, Craftsman table saw, Bosch and Milwaukee Sawzaws, gas blower, overalls, hardhats, tape, Quincy rotary screw air compressors, self-retracting lifeline, Burn blankets, Many rolls of Velcro, Approx. 100Lbs of knit rags, (3) Metguard Work Boots, case of Fix a Flat, De-Icer, safety glasses, paper towels, carbide reamers and chucks, (10) tubes of Molykote 44 medium high temp grease, Sunitec Co 2-5/8 in x 4” Carbide Hole Cutter, Norgren Co Model 011 Compressed Air Dryer, SoperFlame Co Gas Space Heater Mod SU280S, (6) New Showa Co rubber padded mechanics gloves, Assorted hammers, Hilti assorted bits, Military ammo and grenade tote, Assorted C-clamps, hand tools, Craftmans grinder, New ratchet caulking guns made by PT performance, Craftsman 14.4 cordless drill with Charger, asstd. Tools, Stanley tool box, plier set, assorted sanders, fuel tank and grease gun, clamps and chains, ratcheting truck winches, True single door beverage cooler, Master-Bilt single door beverage cooler, True Commercial double door freezer, horizontal air compressor, Oil transfer pump, laser level, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Metabo & Hitachi chargers and batteries, Milwaukee Poetable 110v bandsaw, CP 3/4” air impacts, Dewault chargers, drills, Lincoln battery powered grease gun, metal hose reel, boxes and boxes of ¾” Torque Co. dual ratcheting wrenches, sockets and tooling, 9 ton crane hook, Safety items, tackle box, pad locks, welding sleeves, pallet of hard hats, self-stick step mark spots, fire hats, dust collection cloth tubes, work boots, Craftsman mini tiller, air hoses, easy up tents, levels, shop wipes, Craftsman HD Angle grinder w box and extra discs, Hilt hammer drill with bits, hooks and o rings, Skil roto hammer, ball hitches, pry bars, logging chain, Yale large overhead hoist trolly, asstd. Stamps,electric jackhammer, chain hoist, fork extensions, motor mixing box, bench grinder, loads of Pad Locks, V-Tech personal fall protections, sledge handles, NIB tire rod separators, NIB Ball joint separators, floor stripper and finish, pallets of cardboard boxes, chemical spill kits, NIB 2 x 27” J hook ratchet straps, Aprons, auto manuals from dealer, gas space heaters, chain wrench, Dremel tool attachments and pusher sets, pipe repair kits, NIB voltage testers, temporary hanging work lights, steel plate clamps, exit signs and light boxes, rolling display rack, 5 gal. Caronite pourable hydraulic cement, Trailer jack and sledge hammer and more!
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By Appointment Only
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For more information, please contact 216.496.4444

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