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For over 91 years, the Rosen & Company, Inc. staff of professionals has conducted appraisals for thousands of companies worldwide on all types of machinery, inventories, material handling and construction equipment, plant support equipment, rolling stock, and office equipment.

Our appraisals, both Forced Liquidation and Fair Market, have been widely used by financial institutions and industrialists for financing, re-financing and corporate reorganizations. In order to equitably serve both the borrower and lender, our office maintains and utilizes current libraries, periodicals, national and international auction reports, and an up-to-the-minute database to determine current information in the constantly changing market.

We have gained our expertise in Forced Liquidation and Orderly Liquidation appraisals through the thousands of auctions we have conducted across the whole industrial spectrum.

Our competent appraisers, each with many years of auction and appraisal experience are knowledgeable in the fields of metal working, fabrication machinery, machine tools, power tools, test equipment, printing, construction equipment and collectables.

Chairman of the Board, Stanley Rosen, now in the Las Vegas office, adds his 50+ years of experience in all of these areas to round out the company’s expertise.

For a clear, concise and accurate professional appraisal, look to Rosen & Company, Inc.

Contact Marvin Schiff, Sheila Rosen-Schiff, Ross “Buddy” Barton and Brad Goldstein at 440-519-1860.

Contact Stanley Rosen in Las Vegas at 702-821-1901.


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