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As auctioneers, appraisers, liquidators and real estate brokers, the staff of Rosen & Company has built a reputation of integrity, efficiency and professionalism that has lasted over 90 years!

The founders of Rosen & Company firmly believed auctioneering to be an honorable profession, worthy of ethical practice, and established an organization which would adhere to those beliefs. Indeed, they established a corporate philosophy: All transactions involving a Rosen Professional will be fair and honest.

Today, Sheila Rosen Schiff & husband Attorney Marvin Schiff continue that philosophy. Our Cleveland-based auctioneers and appraisers are all certified members of the following organizations:

They have earned the right to display the EAANA seal and subscribe to the MDNA strict Codes of Ethics.

To be successful, professional auctioneers and appraisers need good judgment, a current understanding of markets, and a broad knowledge of the intrinsic worth of property, both real and personal (chattels). Whether conducting an auction, performing an appraisal, or representing parties in real estate transactions, Rosen & Company has always exhibited these skills.

In this age of instant communication, word spreads quickly about companies and their people, their style and their approach to business. Reputations are earned based on long-term performance. Rosen & Company is a long-term organization. The tenure of our current staff ranges from 36 years in Cleveland for Chairman of the Board Stanley Rosen to 20 years each for the administrative assistants. Clearly, Rosen & Company is a company with stability, integrity and staying power.

The leaders of Rosen & Company, Stanley H. Rosen, Chairman; Sheila Rosen-Schiff, Marketing Director; Marvin Rosen, Corporate Attorney; Buddy Barton, Lead Auctioneer; Tammy Barton, Director of Operations and Office Manager Kelly Palivec, attend and present seminars, attend conventions and trade shows, and are actively involved in professional organizations benefiting the Auction, Appraisal and Real Estate industries.


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